Important Information

Contacting your landlord

When contacting your landlord it is good practice to ensure you have followed the guidelines below:

Check the contact details are correct by telephoning your landlord; if you are contacting an agency ask for the name of the person who would normally deal with your inquiry and always ask for a copy of their complaints handling procedure.

Use a written format, a letter /email ensuring that the evidence is recorded and dated.

Send a letter by special/recorded delivery ensuring delivery time and ensure it is received.

Keep a copy for your records, so you may refer back to it or send another copy if the first is not received.

Clearly outline what you expect from your landlord and give an indication of when you expect your outcome, ensuring sufficient time for your landlord to respond and deal with your request. This will depend on the urgency of your request;

  • For non-urgent requests you would normally expect a response within ten working days.
  • Urgent request should be marked urgent in clear writing on the front of the letter/email

Upon receiving a response ensure that you are happy with the desired outcome before committing yourself to the request. If not go back to your landlord and ask for a re-negotiation and only commit when you are fully satisfied.

Whilst you request is being carried out ensure complete cooperation to the binding contract and ensure that your landlord does the same.

If you encounter any problems whilst your request is being carried out, contact your landlord straight away with full details of the problem, again in written format is best practice, depending upon its urgency.

If you feel you have not been treated fairly by your landlord there are a number of support organisations who can help you under useful links, alternatively you can contact us for extra support please see our Private Rented Sector tenants leaflet on the types of services we provide to tenants in Wales.

Complaints procedures

When should I contact Welsh Tenants?

Welsh Tenants aim to offer a holistic approach when dealing with your landlord offering free advice, information and support with the aim to restore the relationship between tenant and landlord and by offering a mediation service to support and to identify the best possible remedy for your intended outcome for tenants in Wales.

When should I contact my local authority?

For some tenants living in the Private rented sector it is difficult to ensure that your landlord is keeping your property to a reasonable standard and more often or not have to persistently pursue them for any maintenance and repairs to be carried out at the property, thus, costing lots of time, effort and in some cases stress. Your landlord may respond but not have sufficient funding to carry out a maintenance programme to achieve the required standard, your landlord maybe out of the country for some time or in some cases just incoherent to your requests.

A landlord has a duty of care to their tenants and if a property becomes a health hazard then it is down to the landlord to carry out the necessary repairs to your property ensuring a reasonable standard is obtained. If your property becomes a health hazard you should contact your Local Authority, Environmental Health dept. who will then inspect your property and identify hazards. Your local authority area can be found in our useful links along with contact details of your environmental health dept.

When should I contact another organisation?

There are occasions when your landlord may not be compliant with your request and further intervention and even court action is necessary, on this occasion the following organisations will be able to support and advise you:

  • Shelter Cymru provide a housing advice service and run advice surgeries all over Wales, they provide a help desk at county courts across Wales as part of a Legal Aid Agency funded initiative to provide free advice and representation on possession hearing days.

In addition to their housing advice services, Shelter Cymru have a number of specialist projects, which tend to focus on the more practical support issues and often work in partnership with other organisations.

  • The Ombudsman who has more power than all of the above and who considers complaints about property companies have the power to hold your landlord to account by taking action and making recommendations to the property firm or company to make changes to its policies and procedures. They also work with the industry as a whole to help them improve and learn from complaints.

Getting involved as a private renting tenant

For more information about getting involved and becoming a full member of the Tenantiad Cymru/Welsh Tenants private rented sector please contact our office for more details, alternatively please fill in the membership pack.

As a full member you will receive up to date regular information about the Tenantiad Cymru/Welsh Tenants, you will receive an exclusive invitation to our quarterly Accessible, Tenant, Training And Information Networks (ATTAIN) meetings, conferences and events which are currently held across Wales and may even qualify for FREE training on tenant issues within the sector!

Information for tenants

Dear Tenant

The Welsh Tenants are a long established organisation who recently celebrated their 25th anniversary, having a long history within the housing sector we provide advice and support to tenants living in Wales. Funded by the Welsh Government our aim is to protect and enhance the rights, representations and housing standards of all tenants and to guide them to their rights and obligations. We provide training, advice and support to tenants who find it difficult to manage their homes and are particularly keen to demonstrate our services to the private rented sector by contacting tenants, landlords and agents to introduce ourselves and let you know that we are here to help manage your homes.

Being a tenant organisation we are particularly keen to promote equality and fairness throughout the sector and recognise the importance of transparency. We provide a holistic approach to dealing with issues between landlords and tenants offering support and advice on rights and responsibilities within the housing sector, to which you can find us at

Here at Welsh Tenants we are particularly focused on empowering tenants, creating tenant networks and to encourage tenant communication throughout the housing sector. We have recently seen the development of the Housing (Wales) Bill for private sector housing, for landlords and the new licensing scheme and believe that talking and encouraging tenant engagement is the way forward for the private rented sector, as it is already working well within social housing.

We are currently looking for tenant volunteers who are keen to act as ambassadors for private sector housing in Wales. We would particularly like to hear from you if you belong to a tenant focus group or are an individual with a keen interest in housing. The aim of our Private sector project is to establish new groups within private housing, to provide a listening body of tenants who come together to form networks across Wales to talk and listen about the policies and practices on-going in the PRS and to identify the private tenant voice.

We would also like to invite you to attend our annual conference in September 17th and 18th 2014 for both landlords and tenants of the housing sector who come together to talk and learn about the issues of housing. For more information, attending and fees please see the enclosed invitation or alternatively you can contact our office and speak to Sharon Dean. For any further information you can email:

I will look forward to hearing from you.

Best Wishes,

Hannah Smith(Private Sector Development Officer)

Annwyl Tenant

Sefydliad wedi’i hen sefydlu yw’r Tenantiaid Cymru sydd newydd ddathlu eu penblwydd 25ain, bod â hanes hir o fewn y sector tai rydym yn darparu cyngor a chefnogaeth i BOB tenantiaid sy’n byw yng Nghymru. Wedi’i ariannu gan Lywodraeth Cymru ein nod yw diogelu a gwella hawliau, cynrychiolaeth a safonau tai pob tenant ac i’w tywys at eu hawliau a’u rhwymedigaethau. Rydym yn darparu hyfforddiant, cyngor a chefnogaeth i denantiaid sy’n ei chael hi’n anodd i reoli eu cartrefi ac yn arbennig o awyddus dangos ein gwasanaethau i’r sector rhentu preifat drwy gysylltu â thenantiaid, landlordiaid ac asiantau i gyflwyno’n hunain ac yn rhoi gwybod i chi ein bod ni yma i helpu i reoli eich cartrefi.

Mae bod yn sefydliad tenantiaid rydym yn arbennig o awyddus i hyrwyddo cydraddoldeb a thegwch trwy’r sector ac yn cydnabod pwysigrwydd tryloywder. Rydym yn darparu dull cyfannol o ymdrin â materion rhwng landlordiaid a tenantiaid yn cynnig cymorth a chyngor ar hawliau a chyfrifoldebau o fewn y sector tai, y gallwch chi ddod o hyd i ni gan

Yma yn Tenantiaid Cymru rydym yn canolbwyntio’n arbennig ar rymuso tenantiaid, gan greu rhwydweithiau tenantiaid ac i annog cyfathrebiad tenantiaid. Yr ydym wedi gweld yn ddiweddar datblygiad y Mesur Tai (Cymru) ar gyfer tai yn y sector preifat, i landlordiaid a’r cynllun trwyddedu newydd ac yn credu bod siarad ac annog ymgysylltu â thenantiaid yw’r ffordd ymlaen ar gyfer y sector rhentu preifat (PRS), fel y mae eisoes gweithio’n dda o fewn tai cymdeithasol.

Ar hyn o bryd rydym yn chwilio am wirfoddolwyr denantiaid sy’n awyddus i weithredu fel llysgenhadwyr ar gyfer tai sector preifat yng Nghymru. Hoffem glywed wrthoch os ydych yn perthyn i grŵp ffocws tenantiaid neu yn unigolyn sydd â diddordeb awyddus mewn tai. Nod ein Prosiect Sector Preifat yw sefydlu grwpiau newydd o fewn tai preifat, er mwyn darparu corff gwrando tenantiaid sy’n dod at ei gilydd i ffurfio rhwydweithiau ledled Cymru i siarad a gwrando am y polisïau ac arferion yn barhaus yn y SRhP (PRS) ac i nodi’r llais tenantiaid preifat.

Byddem hefyd yn hoffi eich gwahodd i fynychu ein cynhadledd flynyddol ym Medi yr 17eg a’r 18fed 2014 ar gyfer ill dau landlordiaid a thenantiaid y sector tai sy’n dod at ei gilydd i drafod a dysgu am y materion sy’n ymwneud â thai. Am fwy o wybodaeth, mynychu a ffioedd, gweler y gwahoddiad amgaeedig neu fel arall gallwch gysylltu â’n swyddfa a siarad â Sharon Dean. Am unrhyw wybodaeth bellach gallwch anfon e-bost :

Byddaf yn edrych ymlaen wrth glywed oddi wrthych.

Dymuniadau gorau,

Hannah Smith (Swyddog Datblygu Sector Preifat)



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