Better Tenant Advocate Group

This online forum was set up primarily as a consultation forum to gain tenant views on Welsh Government policies, but the members of this group are also asked to share their views on our policies and general, topical housing issues. It is also one of the places we share information on the campaigns we run.

Tenant Support Line

Our Tenant Support Line is available to all tenant groups across Wales, whether you are in social or private renting. We endeavor to provide advice on tenancy and housing issues, we will also signpost you to other specialist organisations where appropriate.


The tenants we talk to tell us all the time that what they want is more training,the housing world is a fast changing one and tenants are expected to be involved in decision making on thier tenant boards more and more. We believe that, as the representative voicefor tenants in Wales, it is our duty to look at this issue and we are currently looking at different options to address this issue.

Conference and Events

Unfortunately our ATTAIN events are on hold at the moment due to funding, but we hope to bring them back soon. We used to hold over 12 ATTAIN events per year, which focus on gaining tenants views, spreading the word about current and potential housing policies and issues, and training tenants on their rights and responsibilites.

Volunteer Support

Welsh Tenants recognises the important work of volunteers throughout Wales and the
commitment shown in communities to improve lives. To that end a series of volunteer
focused good practice policies and procedures have recently been created, and we are
currently working on a volunteer handbook, in order to support and grow our volunteer base,

Information Support

We have a wealth of information available to tenants and residents on many topics. We aim to provide you with jargon free publications on up to date issues of interest. Visit our online library!

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