What we do

Service level agreements with landlords

Our Member Support Team are available to establish Service Level Agreements with landlords, their federations to provide support, health checks and friendly advice, information and direction to tenant and resident groups recognised by landlords under compact arrangements.

We can also work with your participation or community development team to help develop groups where there is under representation.

Working with federal structures and dealing with conflict within community groups is our specialty. We have helped many groups resolve their internal conflict issues provided guidance on constitutional development, standing orders and rules, codes of conduct and financial training and auditing. Please call for further information.


Welsh Tenants undertakes projects funded from a variety of sources. Projects usually concern housing, regeneration and community issues.

Collation of member responses to consultation documents

We provide information to our members concerning current consultations being conducted by the Welsh Assembly Government and Westminster.

Lobbying the Welsh Government and Westminster

We are fortunate to have an open-door policy with the Welsh Assembly Government and are able to work constructively concerning issues of concern raised by members. Over the years we have lobbied for:

  • a right to participate
  • hard wired smoke alarms in all rented accommodation
  • sprinkler systems in sheltered complexes
  • a single secure tenancy for all tenants in the social housing sector
  • extending the Right to Manage to housing associations tenants
  • improved safety rating systems for houses of multiple occupation
  • a compulsory registration scheme for private rented accommodation
  • Legislative Competancy Orders

Lobbying the movers and shakers of housing in Wales

As a founder member of Housing Forum Cymru we have a seat around the table with all the primary housing and care organisations in Wales. This enables the tenants’ voice to be heard where it matters.

Utilising ICT to interact with tenants

We have undertaken to explore and utilise information and communication technology more over the next three years, to enable tenants to interact with Welsh Tenants from all parts of Wales. Through the professional development of our website and other e-communication technologies, we aim to obtain improved e-interaction. We will support tenants to develop their own sites and provide a hyper link to them from our own site.

Welsh Tenants Community Awards Scheme

Welsh Tenants Community Awards Scheme recognises the achievements made by individual and collective participation in communities. For further information look on the news pages.

For Further information about the services offered by the Welsh Tenants, contact our Member Services Team on 01685 723922 or email sharon@welshtenants.org.uk

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