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‘Not Just Bricks & Mortar’

The Welsh Tenants annual conference for people whom rent in Wales

22nd & 23rd September 2016, Hotel Metropole, Llandrindod Wells, Powys

Much emphasis has been put on the 20,000 homes that Wales needs to provide. Indeed Welsh Tenants as a key partner to the Homes for Wales campaign that won that shared commitment is fully supportive of that goal. But Not just Bricks & Mortar’ is just that it’s also about People. If we are to improve the well-being of the nation, the next five years will need to focus on the work we can all do, to learn from peoples lived experiences of having a home be that renting or other tenures, and to better prepare people for managing their home thus improving prevention. This means learning lessons from the past, celebrating how far Wales has come, and exploring how we can make the lived experience of people better through listening and engaging with renters.

Good ‘people focused’ housing is essential. Thanks to Wales’ unique collaborative working across the sectors, with legislators, providers and renters, we have all the means necessary to better service and support people regardless of who they are, or their circumstances. We believe that Wales can continue to lead the way in providing housing and social systems that wrap around the home because our housing experience determines our health, our disposable income and our well-being. With the outcome of the EU referendum we will all need to pull together to ensure the values that we care so much for in our society, togetherness, equality, resilience are translated in to deeds and actions.

This year we have some innovative ways to maximise audience involvement. So be prepared to be inspired and involved. We are proud to be able to provide a great value for money experience going that extra mile to ensure that you feel appreciated and are comfortable in your surroundings. This year’s programme includes, things to celebrate, things to consider, and things to prioritise.

 to celebrate…

 22nd September 2016

Day 1: Plenary session 1: 50 Years on! What can Cathy expect to come home to in 2016.

 Chair: Steve Clarke, Managing Director

With 50 years since ‘Cathy Come Home’, and 35 years since Shelter Cymru was formed, our 2016 conference looks back and forward. We are pleased to have John Puzey Director of Shelter Cymru, explore the Cathy Come Home legacy, present a video of the life experiences of renters, discuss the innovative approach to prevention and homelessness in Wales and discuss the challenges to come.

to consider…

 23rd September 2016

Day 2: Plenary session 2: Future gazing: How can technological advances shape our housing and tenant services?

 Chair: To be confirmed…

Over next five years we will see more of the technological revolution used in housing in terms of design, management and support services. How will this impact on us, what can we expect, and how will this impact on service delivery and support? The session provides insight into some of the advances we can expect.

to prioritise…

 Day 2: Plenary session 3: What can we expect of a new Welsh Government? The session will explore the housing landscape for the next five years.

Chair and session facilitator: Tamsin Sterling, former advisor to the Welsh Government

Plenary members from LA, HA and PRS

Day 2: Plenary session 4: Community  Awards: Celebrating the work of active tenants across the housing sectors.

Chair: Sonia Benbow Jones, Chair of the Board of Welsh Tenants

We have pleasure in announcing our award winners, people who we celebrate and admire that have led others to achieve great things in Wales. Among the session we have the Women leading in Housing awards.

We also have a number of popular workshop themes including:

Rights and obligations:

Ending of the right to buy / right to acquire (Wales) and supporting access to owner occupation, Renting Homes Wales delivery programme, Rent Smart Wales – Standards in the private sector, Dementia and housing, Ex armed forces access to housing, Diversity and gender equality, Access to homes for refugees – the refugees story, Heating: Better protection deal for tenants (Nest), Debt advice.

Housing standards:

NHS: Hospital discharge schemes, Big data, and information technology, A better deal for renters – The role of value for money initiatives, Access to tenant support and how its resourced, The role of environmental Health and trading standards in housing, Regulation, the rationale for mergers, Delivering new homes – Regeneration & gentrification.


Tenant support needs in Wales, Where next for the tenant movement, Co-operative housing – the real deal!, EU and housing.

B o o k i n g  I n f o r m a t i o n

Demonstrating support to your tenants to engage with their representative voice for tenants in Wales is the most

important action you can take to demonstrate that you value their involvement. Our events also provides

tremendous value for money compared to other events in the housing calendar.

We also have a number of options including residential and day rates.

(Price includes VAT, so the price you see is the price you pay).

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2016 Conference Booking Form English

Not Just Bricks Mortar flyer 2 Aug

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Future gazing plenary













Prepare yourselves… condition your mind…the next 

Welsh Tenants Conference is coming.

Great agenda At the Welsh Tenants we pride ourselves in providing a great conference experience for our delegates.

Last year we set the bar for better gender balance at conferences, highlighting the terrific talent we have among women leaders in Wales with an all women speaker plenary and workshops sessions.

Great speakers – Our conference attracts more than 30 prominent speakers to engage, challenge and inspire you.

At WT we aim high, attracting prominent guest speakers such as Leanne Farha Special Rapporteur for the United Nations, current and ex Housing Ministers; Lesley Griffiths AM, Carl Sargeant AM, Huw Lewis AM and Jocelyn Davies AM. Prominent speakers have also included Shadow Secretary of State for Wales

Great content – We also provide great content with highlighted themes to help focus on critical topics of importance.

Great experience – Most of all, we provide an enjoyable experience. We recognise that many volunteers and active tenants whom do attend also want to enjoy their experience and meet like-minded individuals. That’s why our entertainment theme features strongly because it’s about the whole experience.

This year’s conference Not just Bricks & Mortar’, will be no different…..

Guest speaker:          2 prominent speakers to get things rolling

Plenary session 1.    50 years on! – What can Cathy come home to in 2016? Exploring Tenant rights,  obligations and challenges across the sectors.

Plenary session 2.   Future Gazing – How will technological advances shape our housing and tenant support services?

Plenary session 3.    What can we expect from a New Welsh Government?

Plenary session 4.   Awards: Celebrating the Queen Bee and Kings of Swing in the housing world.

We also have around 20 workshop sessions that provide interactive                       discussions to educate, inform and debate topics that matter to you.

You may think it’s all over … Not yet!

Overview of the conference Exhibitions 2016
The ‘Not just Bricks & Mortar conference aims to explore how housing will shape our future lives. We have a range of exhibitors that provide support to housing and communities. To book an exhibitors space or if you require more information, please contact 
Speakers Welcome for new tenants
Welsh Tenants are pleased to support and promote better equality and diversity in Wales and aim to have 50:50 gender balance among our speakers while ensuring the diverseness of our communities.


If you have something interesting to say or share at the event, we would love to hear from you. Please contact     

There’s always a friendly welcome to new tenants to our annual conference. With plenty of opportunities to discuss, debate and enjoy networking with friends and colleagues around Wales. There are over 20 workshop sessions that is sure to tweak your interests with key debates. We will also be gauging what tenants want from future tenant support needs and examining how Welsh housing policies are radically different from that elsewhere.

This year just some of the key issues up for debate and discussion include:

  • Exploring tenant’s aspirations of a future Welsh Government – and who knows what might happen concerning the EU ballot
  • Information technology developments are not just the remit of manufacturing. Service sector is quickly catching up on the utilisation IT to innovate and improve housing and support services. We debate some of the current and future thinking in this area.
  • We will also be examining good practice in helping tenants overcome life obstacles seeing them not as a barrier, but a hurdle that we can overcome with the right support
  • Welsh Tenants are launching our report concerning what tenants have told us are their key tenant support needs over the next 5 years.

Workshops – There are plenty of opportunities to contribute to debates and discussions as well as receive information about how Wales is responding to the needs and aspirations of people whom rent.

Entertainment –  There is always an opportunity to socialise and have fun with a evening of entertainment with fancy dress and other activities.

Tell us your story – If you have an existing story to tell how you helping tenants overcome obstacles then we want to hear from you – who knows it may win one of our awards.

Thank you to CIH Cymru for sponsoring some of our awards year on year, we hope they are able to support us this year, we are still looking for other organisations to sponsor various items, should you know of anyone who would be interested, please contact or 01685 723922 for a flyer.

Please click the link for a booking form in English 2016-Conference-Booking-Form-English.docx (144 downloads)

Please click the ling for a booking form in Welsh  2016-Conference-Booking-Form-Cymraeg.docx (97 downloads)

Copy of conference flyer in English Conference-flyer-1-english.pdf (86 downloads)

Copy of Conference Flyer in Welsh

Speakers and workshop title will be due course















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