About Us

Welsh Tenants is essentially a rights based organisation, established in 1988 but with a longer history, our role is to respond to issues raised by members and to act as the representative voice of tenants in Wales. Towards this aim, we provide information, advice and support to both our members and the general body of tenants.

Welsh Tenants fully endorses “Better Homes for People in Wales” which seeks to provide tenants with a decent quality standard by 2012. We fully endorse its central theme of tenant involvement in the development of improved housing standards, management practice, inspection and accountability.

Welsh Tenants welcomes the opportunity afforded to work in genuine, open and accountable partnership with tenants and their landlords and the Welsh Assembly Government in ensuring that “Better Homes for People in Wales” is realised within a rent regime which maintains affordability. We remain supportive of the genuine commitment of ministers, civil servants, landlords and their agents commitment to this goal, while ensuring tenants views, needs and aspirations are taken on board in that journey.

We are an equal opportunities employer that wholly endorses statutory provisions and good practice, regarding equality of opportunity regardless of race, gender, religion, ability, sexuality and disability or impairment. Membership is free to any group or individual who supports our aims.

Our Core Values

  • Every tenant has a right to a decent quality affordable home, this is portrayed in our mission statement, ‘A decent quality affordable home, is a right not a privilege’.
  • We uphold the principles of the human rights act 1988 in particular article 8, every tenant has a right to live in peace and quiet enjoyment of their home
  • We believe that everyone has the right to express themselves in accordance with their cultural values and beliefs, providing this doesn’t alienate or discriminate against others.
  • We believe that everyone must have the freedom to make informed choices about their home, welfare and community and a right to play a key role in their community, having the ability to influence decisions about the services they receive

Our Service Promise

  • We strive to be a strong representative voice for tenants in Wales, being responsible, ethical, principled and well informed about the concerns and issues affecting tenants
  • We are committed to ensuring openness and accessibility in our organisation reflecting principles of accountability to members and stakeholders
  • We will define with our members what services they require to further support them to achieve their objectives
  • We will continue to resource members needs by diversifying funding to prevent undue influence of any one organisation and seek to maximise the value of the resources we receive for the benefit of our members
  • We will strive to improve organisational competence continually improving systems, policies and processes and strive for quality not quantity in the work that we do.

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