Make sure your home is safe this winter

Hello fellow tenants. It’s that time of year when things can turn quickly from a season of joy to a time of great distress. Making sure your home is safe is something every tenant should consider. These are some simple preventative measures that will help;


  • Keeping the property ventilated is important to prevent condensation but please ensure that your windows and doors are locked when you’re not at home.
  • Don’t let your post pile up, the Royal Mail operate a ‘Keepsafe™ Service’ or have a friend/neighbour come and collect your post.
  • If you can afford a timer, put your side lamps or TV on a timer to let people know there’s someone in the house. Or install security lighting that illuminates when anyone comes close to the property, front or rear.
  • If you have a trusted neighbour, friend or relative ask them to pop by to check on things.
  • Regretfully social media while being a place where you can receive support can also be a place where thieves can target you if you are not at home over the festive season, so don’t advertise the fact that you’re away from your home.
  • Recording your valuable is always useful to do. You can register your them on should you become a victim of crime then it will help the police identify recovered property and returned them to you. You can also put your postcode and house number with special invisible marker pens.
  • Finally always ensure your water is turned off at the mains to prevent flood damage if the weather is cold or leave your heating on timed at a minimum temperature of 15 degrees.
  • If you are staying at home, if you can, always check on an elderly neighbour.


Be safe and have a great festive season from the Management committee and staff members Steve, Sharon, Jonathan and Susan

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