Energy Saving Trust Advice Centre Wales

The Renewable Heat Incentive is a scheme that pays participants to heat their homes with renewables. Did you know that on average 75% of household energy bills are as a result of heating & hot water? ESTAC are organising a number of events across Wales. If you have questions about install renewables, reducing energy bills and how to get cash incentives from government schemes then contact Esther Tallent via this link please click here

This is a Government-backed incentive to reduce energy bills, to ensure that it really pays to install renewables.

Forthcoming events

DECC are running a series of RHI events for consumers. More information and registration links for the events in and around Wales are as follows:

25th November, South & West Wales – click here for further information

26th November, Worcestershire & South Wales – click here for further information

27th November, Cheshire/North Wales – click here for further information

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