eleMake your home safer in 2016

Electrical safety is something we feel strongly about at Welsh Tenants. Our association with Electrical Safety First (ESF) dates back to 2013 when mutual concerns were expressed for the rise in vulnerable people having to access the largely unregulated private rented sector. Click to read full article


standardsWelsh Government consults on social housing standards

Monday 18th January 2016 began a 12 week two part consultation on the setting of mandatory standards for social housing. The consultation relates to Part 4 of the Housing (Wales) Act 2014 which gave Ministers new powers Click to read full article


rentRent uplift for 2016 – 2017

Earlier this year the UK government in the July budget announced that social landlords in England were to introduce a 1% cut in social housing rents producing savings of around £1.5bn annually, what’s going to happen in Wales? Click to read full article


wthatChanges to the Welsh Tenants Structure

Over the past few years the Welsh Tenants has grappled with the question ‘how will it survive and thrive as a representative voice for tenants in Wales with zero grant funding while maintaining its mandate as a national tenant focused organisation? Click to read full article



resolution2015 Autumn Spending Review

A joint statement by Welsh Tenants and TPAS Cymru on the Chancellors autumn spending view. The big story of the Autumn Spending Review, was undoubtedly the climb down by the Chancellor on the withdrawal of Tax Credits that would have taken £4bn from working families or £1.46bn in Wales each year. Click to read full article


rent smartReform of the Private Rented Sector began 23rd Nov 15

A landmark scheme commenced in Wales on 23rd Nov, as all landlords and letting agents will be required to register as providers with Rent Smart Wales. Click here to read full article


hot newsNational Assembly for Wales Petition to mitigate the impacts of the Bedroom Tax in Wales.

Members and supporters of the Welsh Tenants will be aware of our position regarding the spare room subsidy or what campaigners call the ‘bedroom tax’. We have agreed a joint statement with NAW. Click here to read full article.


Financial-inclusionConsultation on refreshing the Financial Inclusion Strategy for Wales 2016

The Welsh Government is currently revising its Financial Inclusion Strategy, with a new Strategy to be published in 2016, deadline for consultation responses is 4th January 2016. Click here to read full article


100 whq

WHQ 100th Edition

Welsh Housing Quarterly the magazine for the housing sector in Wales has reached a major milestone of achieving its 100th edition. Read full atricle




afford home

Affordable homes target set to be exceeded

Welsh Government has announced that it is set to exceed the targets for 10,000 affordable homes before the end of this Assembly term (May 2017). Read full article



award 2015Welsh Tenants Community Participation Awards Winners

The Welsh Tenants are pleased to recognise the tremendous work undertaken by both landlords and their tenants across Wales. Thank you to all nominations received and for CIH for sponsoring the awards. Click here to read full article




writing logo

Update on our Building Bridges Conference

Our all women speaker two day conference maybe the first housing conference with 100% women speakers, excellent feedback has been received. Click here to read full article.


rbwRegulatory Board for Wales are recruiting

The Welsh Government are advertising through the public appointments process in Wales for a Chair & Members to Housing Regulatory Board for Wales. Click here to read full article


dwpDWP has provided details of the UC roll out

The DWP has confirmed the details of the areas to which universal credit will roll-out between September 2015 and April 2016. Click here to read full article


accounts committeeResponse to the Public Accounts Committee

The Public Accounts Committee undertook an inquiry to consider how the changes to Housing Benefit introduced by the UK Government’s welfare-reform programme are impacting on Welsh councils and housing associations. Click here to read full article



Set up logo finalSTEP Up – Tenant Support Programme

Our STEP UP partnership provides a solution, it equips your intervention team with the tools to better support and enable your renters to manage their homes more effectively.

The Tenancy Sustainability Programme has been designed in consultation with key stakeholders, as a cost effective method for housing providers to prepare, new and vulnerable, tenants for the challenges of managing a tenancy. Click here to read full article


housing wales bill

Tenants delighted at the response by the CELGC on the Renting Homes (Wales) Bill

The Communities Equalities and Local Government Committee of the Senedd has produced their scrutiny report of the Renting Homes (Wales) bill today, and as suspected on a bill of this size and scope, there are a number of recommendations – 36 in all. Click here to read full article



gold houseWelsh housing sector missing out on nuggets of gold that can improve services according to tenants

The results were published of the national survey of tenants in April. The survey commissioned by CH Cymru with support from the Welsh Government has helped regulators and other stakeholders to profile a picture of tenant satisfaction across Wales’ housing association sector. Click here to read full article


WHQBoost deliver WHQS

A significant £108 million investment in Wales’ social housing stock has today been announced by Communities and Tackling Poverty Minister, Lesley Griffiths.

The funding will be used by LA and RSL’s to improve people’s homes and ensure they are safe, secure and meet the Welsh Housing Quality Standard (WHQS). Click here to read full article



To Buy or Not To Buy. This is the question!

In recent weeks the minister for The Minister for Communities and Tackling Poverty has consulted on modifying or removing right to buy & right to acquire. The Welsh Tenants held two events in to discuss the white paper proposals along with support from TPAS Cymru. Click here to read full article


HFWHomes for Wales Bulletin

This Homes for Wales Bulletin is the latest in a series of action by the Welsh Government to improving housing, people’s lives and communities. Health, well-being, education, jobs and local communities are all aspects of life that are affected by the homes in which people live. It is vital that everyone has a decent place to live. In partnership with many other organisations, the Welsh Government is taking action to make a difference to people’s lives. Click here to view bulletin


renting homes billRenting Homes (Wales) Bill gets tenant scrutiny

The National Assembly, Communities, Equality and Local Government Committee chair Christine Chapman AM whose committee will scrutinize the bill, organised a series of round table discussions with tenants from all the primary markets impacted by the Renting (Homes) Wales bill. Read full article


h actExemptions to the Council Tax premium on Long-Term Empty Homes in Wales

The Housing (Wales) Act 2014 which received Royal Assent on 17 Sept 2014 gives Local Authorities the discretion to charge Council Tax premiums on long-term empty homes and second homes in Wales. Read full article


electricalCall for 5 year Electrical Safety Check

Welsh Tenants were pleased to be a partner in the calls for better electrical safety in rented homes in Wales, with an introduction of a 5 year electrical safety test. Read full article


carbonCarbon Monoxide alarms to be fitted to PRS homes in England – should Wales follow

Welsh Tenants welcomes the news by the Gas Industry Safety Group (GISG) (11 March 2015) that Communities Minister Penny Mordaunt announced that it is now mandatory for private landlords to install smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) alarms in rented properties in England. Read full article


Enforced SAR Charges confirmed

The Ministry of Justice (MoJ) is set to bring into force section 56 of the DPA, covering enforced subject access requests, on 10 March 2015. Read full article


Welsh Government – Direct Payment Reportdr

Welsh Government task and finish group published its report today Direct payments of Housing Benefit in the social Rented Sector and Sustainable Tenancies that looked into how the sector can better support people and to mitigate the impacts of welfare reform. Read full article


cavityResearch of failure cavity wall insulation in Wales – call for evidence

Due to the significant rise in the occurrence of mould growth, condensation and other issues in properties that appear to have received insulation in the past 15 years, Wales Zero Carbon hub has commissioned Building Research Excellence (BRE) to undertake research. Read full article


RTBShould we put an end to right to buy and right to acquire?

Lesley Griffiths Minister for Communities and Tackling Poverty, who also has the housing brief, has announced consultation on the potential ending of Right to buy (RTB) and Right to Acquire (RTA) in Wales, if the electorate chooses the Labour Party to be the next government from May 2016, although presumably, will provide the evidence base to commit any party elected thereafter to the change. The consultation will run from 22nd January 2015 – 16th April 2015. Read full article


welfareManaging the impact of Welfare Reform changes on social housing tenants in Wales

The publication by the Auditor General for Wales of research relating to the management of welfare reform in Wales provides predictably sober reading. Read full article


CTAnti-Social Behaviour – The new Community Trigger

The Anti-Social Behaviour Crime and Policing Act 2013 came into force earlier this year (2014) along with it a new provision disappointingly labelled ‘the community trigger’. We certainly prefer the term ‘community remedy’, and although the term is used by some forces the measure is collectively referred to as the community trigger or CT. Read full article


5050-Logo150:50 Campaign – Get more woman voices heard

Over the years women have played a key and influential role in our organisation. But we can do more to ensure that women continue to be heard. In this regard we wholly endorse the 50:50 by 2020 campaign. Read full article..



cold water paymentsMr Frosty! Cold Weather Payments Info

Winter is that time of year when as a community we should be watching gout for one another. Thousands of people succumb to cold winters particularly the elderly, people in ill health and the vulnerable. Thankfully, around 1.4 million pensioners will qualify for the discount this year, the vast majority of pensioners on Pension Credit will not have to do anything as they will receive a £140 discount automatically. Read full article..


lawCalling all tenants, new laws new rules

Have you experienced problems with housing New laws will shortly be considered in Wales to better protect tenants and enable them to understand their rights and obligations. Read full article



section 21.jpgAttempts to curb unreasonable use of Section 21

Attempts to curb unreasonable use of section 21 Liberal Democrat MP Sarah Teather made a valiant attempt to introduce a private members bill that sought to provide a defence for tenants who are victims of retaliatory evictions. Read full article…



Energy Saving Trust Advice Centre Wales

The Renewable Heat Incentive is a scheme that pays participants to heat their homes with renewables. Did you know that on average 75% of household energy bills are as a result of heating & hot water. Read full article



1homeMake sure your home is safe this winter

Hello fellow tenants. It’s that time of year when things can turn quickly from a season of joy to a time of great distress. Making sure your home is safe is something every tenant should consider. Read full article for safety tips.


housesMore than 2000 people have been on a housing waiting list for over a decade.

More than 2,000 people have been on a housing waiting list for more than a decade, according to research by the Welsh Liberal Democrats. The party claims nearly 9,000 people have been waiting for more than five years for a home. Cardiff Council had the highest number of people waiting for at least half a decade (1,297) while Caerphilly had the most waiting more than 10 years (375). Read full article



Affordable rent supply overtakes social rent

The number of affordable rent homes built in the last financial year exceeded the number of social rent homes for the first time, statistics released today show. Read article


injunctionCounty court granted an injunction to replace fire doors

There is a presumption that any renewals undertaken by tenants are an ‘improvement’, but that’s not necessarily always the case. What is seen as a renewal by the tenant, can in fact be a demotion of a standard, that’s why in tenancy terms there is a standard clause contained in contracts that requires the consent of landlords before making an improvement or altering fixtures in a property. Read full article



How a Council is ‘Making welfare work – locally’

Many local authorities in Wales are working hard to help mitigate the impact of welfare reforms. Clearly proactive work is helping to understand the impacts and help tenants to cope with the changes. View full article


btvValleys To Coast offers tenants support to appeal the bedroom tax

Valleys to Coast Housing Association supported by partners, have informed their tenants they can appeal the bedroom tax in a new leaflet that explains that even if you have been awarded Discretionary Housing Payment (DHP) you may still be able to appeal bedroom tax decision, read full article


WHQ FODWelsh Housing Quality Standards – Focus On Delivery Charter

The charter is aimed at social landlords seeking to involve their tenants in monitoring not just the bricks and mortar of WHGS planning and delivery but also services.

A helpful tool has been developed with the support of Caerphilly Tenants Information Exchange, Caerphilly CBC and APA Ltd together with the Welsh Tenants and funded by the Tenant Empowerment Grant scheme: click here to download charter


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