tsTenant Participation Survey

The Welsh Government is looking to explore tenants’ views on tenant participation with regards to their views on areas such as what aspects of tenant participation are most effective and are most helpful and what do tenants’ need in order to fully engage in tenant participation. Read article



Affordable rent supply overtakes social rent

The number of affordable rent homes built in the last financial year exceeded the number of social rent homes for the first time, statistics released today show.  Read article


renting homesRenting Homes – Illustrative Model Contract consultation event

The Welsh Government is consulting on what the contracts under the Renting Homes proposals could look like, consultation will be closing on 14th October, have you say and respond.  Click her to have your say



injunctionCounty court granted an injunction to replace fire doors

There is a presumption that any renewals undertaken by tenants are an ‘improvement’, but that’s not necessarily always the case. What is seen as a renewal by the tenant, can in fact be a demotion of a standard, that’s why in tenancy terms there is a standard clause contained in contracts that requires the consent of landlords before making an improvement or altering fixtures in a property. Read full article



How a Council is ‘Making welfare work – locally’

Many local authorities in Wales are working hard to help mitigate the impact of welfare reforms. Clearly proactive work is helping to understand the impacts and help tenants to cope with the changes. View full article



btvValleys To Coast offers tenants support to appeal the bedroom tax

Valleys to Coast Housing Association supported by partners, have informed their tenants they can appeal the bedroom tax in a new leaflet that explains that even if you have been awarded Discretionary Housing Payment (DHP) you may still be able to appeal bedroom tax decision, read full article



job center plusConcerns raised about work related conditions for JSA Claimants who are homeless.

Welsh Tenants have been informed that due to concerns raised about work related conditions for JSA claimants who are homeless the Department for Work and Pensions are introducing ‘easements’ from Monday 21 July.  View full article


prs summitWelsh Tenants examines the recent PRS Summit 2014 All aboard

Welsh Tenants are pleased to be supporting and working with CIH Cymru as the professional body for housing, the Residential Landlords Association and National Landlords Association to ensure that there is a strong tenants’ voice on all matters relating to private rented sector… read full article


 Housing (Wales) Bill – Stage 4 New homes RCT

The National Assembly for Wales has passed the Housing (Wales) Bill Tuesday, 8 July.

The Minister for Housing and Regeneration thanked the National Assembly and stakeholders for their detailed engagement with the Bill.  This is a significant Bill which will make real improvements to people’s lives here in Wales, helping to meet people’s housing needs, improve the private rented sector and prevent homelessness.

More information and the final Stage 4 version of the Bill can be found here

It will be at least four weeks before the bill can proceed for Royal Assent and become an Act of the National Assembly for Wales.


WHQ FODWelsh Housing Quality Standards – Focus On Delivery Charter

The charter is aimed at social landlords seeking to involve their tenants in monitoring not just the bricks and mortar of WHGS planning and delivery but also services.

A helpful tool has been developed with the support of Caerphilly Tenants Information Exchange, Caerphilly CBC and APA Ltd together with the Welsh Tenants and funded by the Tenant Empowerment Grant scheme:   click here to download charter


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